August, 2013

The ThermoMap project, area mapping of superficial geothermic resources by soil and groundwater data mapped the very shallow (up to 10m) Geothermal Potential, or ‘vSGP’ across Europe.

The project harmonised pre-existing data sets relating to geological, hydrogeological, soil, climate and relief geo-data with standardised methods. In addition, samples were taken from fourteen test areas across Europe.

The data was then used to build an open source web GIS where users can check the vSGP in a certain area.

In addition, a calculator has been produced. When external data exists, this can be input into the calculator to give a more precise estimation outside the project testing areas.

You can find out more information about the project in our press pack and the final newsletter. A press release on the outcomes of the project can be downloaded here.

The video bellow gives and introduction to the web GIS  and calculator. More information about the tools can be found here.

V1.1. of the ThermoMap viewer is now live.

The new version builds on the previous, with a number of new features:

  • The new version is fully multi lingual, covering all eight partner languages. The Map viewer interface, the reports, and the calculation function have all been translated; an increasing number of help and information documents are also continuously coming online.
  • The Full and final version of the Calculator is available. The calculator was launched for testing in April 2013, and now the final version has been released and integrated into the ThermoMap interface, being easily accessible from the European Outline Map interface.
  •  After selecting the calculator, users are presented with some information about the calculator and can input an address. Assuming the address is valid, the map viewer will zoom to the location; users can then view the background information for the site. This information populates the calculator. After selecting the calculator the existing information can then be enhanced and modified with the users own site specific information. A new printable report can then be created with the newly calculated results.


To find out more about the ThermMap tools, and to try them yourself, visit the tools page.

ThermoMap participated at the INSPIRE Conference 2013: The Green Renaissance in Florence. The conference showed the progress over the last six years in developing a European spatial data infrastructure.

ThermoMap intends to provide further input on the Energy Resources data specifications with regards to the field of geothermics and the definition and scope of the term (very) shallow geothermal energy potential (vSGP).

The EGEC team would like once again to thank everyone for their participation in the European Geothermal Energy Congress 2013.

More than 500 of you joined us in Pisa for a memorable week of challenging and informative debate- we look forward to seeing you next time in 2016 or 2017.

The presentations and proceedings from the congress are now available to participants. Click here to view them.

You can view photos from the congress here and you’ll also enjoy the EGC2013 video highlighting the top moments of the week!

6th June, Pisa, Italy

The final ThermoMap Conference was held alongside EGC2013 on the 6th June. The agenda  and presentations can be viewed on the presentations page